We use and recommend Toro® automatic sprinklers to our residential and commercial clients alike.

An automatic sprinkler system is no longer a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. 

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Water

TMC-212 Series
Designed for flexibility, the Toro TMC-212 is the ideal controller choice for residential applications. With station count modularity from 2-12 stations, indoor or outdoor models, and two levels of surge protection.
Exceptional programming flexibility includes three fully independent programs with four start times per program, pump and station delay features, as well as three scheduling choices with day exclusion. But that’s not all. Add the many professional-grade features such as short detection for faster troubleshooting, non-volatile memory, and compatibility with the TMR-1 Maintenance Remote, and the TMC-212 controller is also surprisingly cost-effective.

TRS & TWRS (Rain and Freeze Sensors) 

Wired & Wireless Rain Sensors
Toro®’s commitment to effective water management continues with it’s wired rain sensor (TRS) and now the new Wireless Rain Sensor Series (TWRS).
The innovative wireless sensor provides easy-to-use, advanced programming features with options for Rain or Rain/Freeze sensing and reaction.
Save up to 30% more water than existing disc rain sensors with patent pending Water Conservation Mode TM.
Rain Sensors (Wired & Wireless)

  • Digital LCD display on receiver provides easy programming and feedback
  • Signal strength bar scale and numeric indicators provide ease in troubleshooting
  • rain/Freeze combination features digital programming accuracy
Inquire In-office About Additional Equipment We Recommend
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  • 300 Series Stream Rotor
  • Precision Series Rotating Nozzle
  • T5 Series Rotor
  • EZ-Flo® Plus Series
  • TPV Series Valves
  • Eagle-Tough® Turf Pipes